Black History Month 2021

By Kiersten Kimminau Journalist, professor and former civil rights era activist Charles E. Cobb Jr. once said, “The way the public understands the civil rights movement can be boiled down to one sentence: Rosa sat down, Martin stood up, then the white folks saw the light and saved the day.” Well, by now we shouldContinue reading “Black History Month 2021”

Event Planning Turned Virtual

By Ashley Murawski We all know COVID-19 has caused major effects on campus jobs, yet how is Campus Activities continuing during these challenging times? When we think of events we generally think in-person activities, yet during these times we are not able to host in-person events. As a part of the Campus Activities staff we have all started to be creativeContinue reading “Event Planning Turned Virtual”

Virtual Monday Movie Madness

Monday Movie Madness is back for Spring Quarter in a virtual format! Each Monday Campus Activities is bringing you a movie on Netflix Party. To participate you must have access to a Netflix account. Download Google Chrome and the Chrome browser extension Netflix Party! Then follow @cwucampuactivities on instagram for the Netflix Party link, whichContinue reading “Virtual Monday Movie Madness”

Sister Act Adelee and Gentry Tonight at CWU: Fewer nuns, better songs

Whoopi Goldberg has unofficial ownership of the phrase “sister act,” so it’s hard to come up with another way of describing a musical duo of sisters that doesn’t conjure up this image: That said, indie/folk band Adelee and Gentry may be a sister act, but their music is far from CONVENTional (see that little nunContinue reading “Sister Act Adelee and Gentry Tonight at CWU: Fewer nuns, better songs”

Holy Homecoming! A week’s worth of events.

It’s that time of the year again. Leaves falling, sweaters draping, pumpkin spice lattes flowing – basically, the best time of the year. Oh, and maybe a little something you may have heard about….Fall Homecoming! CWU has a slue of events planned for Homecoming including a performance by special guest and american idol fame, Phillip Phillips.Continue reading “Holy Homecoming! A week’s worth of events.”