Make Some Noise for Unheard Voices

If you drove down N. Alder Street last Thursday night, then you were probably in awe of the amount of cars lining both sides of the street and the size of the crowd converged in Alder Street Park. If you were one of those people in the crowd, then you were lucky enough to be a part of Unheard Voices, a benefit concert for Kittitas County Search and Rescue, hosted by the CWU Center for Leadership and Community Engagement (CLCE).

Screen shot 2014-05-21 at 9.00.32 AM

Unheard Voices brings together exceptional local musicians with worthy causes to create events that not only provide attendees with entertainment, but also the opportunity to donate to local charities and organizations.

CLCE student program leaders Shannon Lowry and Jessica Baker brought their enthusiasm and expertise to planning the event.

“Unheard Voices is all about supporting local causes, local talent and local businesses and bringing CWU students together with community members,” Lowry said, and Baker added, “and it’s a fun way to create partnerships in our community.”

This Unheard Voices concert was dedicated to helping raise money for Kittitas County Search and Rescue. The line-up of performers included Gentleman’s Enemy (shown above), Avolition and Maile. Their talent, combined with the community’s interest in the cause, helped draw in over 150 attendees, 15 volunteers and $360 in donations. The money raised went to purchasing two new radios, which were much needed and appreciated by Kittitas County Search and Rescue.

Look out for the next Unheard Voices event – whether you attend as a volunteer or as a spectator, it’s your participation that’s important.

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