And the winner is…

Okay okay, technically our boys didn’t actually win first place…

“We were the winners of our division…which just so happened to be the division of losers…but we still won and that’s all that matters” – Jake

Nonetheless, Jake, Jackson, and Mark, designers in the Publicity Center, are still winners in our hearts!

All three took turns either pushing or riding on the mattress however, Jake did tell us (sarcastically),

“I never rode on the bed because I’m the heaviest of the three and didn’t want to subject them to my weight!!”

They were super excited about their win, but even more excited about the  awesome t-shirts! Mark told us,

“I refused to leave there without getting a shirt, so we did what we had to do.”

Below is a video of one of the various races where Jake is pushing Mark on the mattress, and more photos from and after the race!

Image(From left to right) Jake, Jackson, Mark


Jackson pushing Mark!

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