Galentine’s Day

By Olivia Birg

Whether you’re single or just want to have some fun with the girls, Galentine’s Day is a great way to relax and enjoy a night with your best friends! In no particular order, Hype has compiled a list of 10 sweet, silly, and fun activities you can do with your galentines!

Dance Party

When in doubt, dance it out. Put that Spotify playlist on shuffle and show off your best, or worst, dance moves. This is a guaranteed way to laugh, either at your friends or yourself, and have some fun.

Movie Marathon

Pick your favorite movies, bundle up under some blankets, and fill up on popcorn and candy for a great girls night. The cheesier the movies the better.

Go on an Adventure

Who knows where you’ll end up?! Heads you turn left and tails you turn right, see where fate takes you! It could be Target or it could end up being a great story of the time y’all got lost.

Craft Night

Bring out the artist in you for a night of painting, coloring, or crafting. It’s a fun, relaxing way to bring out your creative side.

Homemade Spa

Lizzo once said “Hair toss check my nails/ Baby how you feeling?/ Feelin good as hell.” That’s exactly how you and your friends should feel for Galentine’s Day. Paint nails, do face masks, just relax and enjoy the night!

Pajama Party

Get into those comfy pajamas and have a night with the girls. Maybe a sleepover? Some food? Whatever you want, it’s your day after all.

Gift Exchange

Do a “Secret Cupid” gift exchange, like “Secret Santa” except for Galentine’s Day. Show the love by giving your BFF a sweet or funny gift to brighten up their day.


Strike your best pose for the camera! Take some pics of you and your friends to post, share, or just have for the memories.

Game Night

Get competitive with board games, card games, or whatever your favorite game is! You might be here for friends, but winning is always a bonus.

Lots of Junk Food

Fries before guys right?! In this case lots of fries, pizza, ice cream, and all the best junk food. Order in and enjoy all the junk your heart desires.

Bonus Activity

Don’t have time to plan an activity? Stop by Campus Activities’ Valentine’s Soirée the day before Galentine’s Day. On Feb. 12 enjoy a night filled with swing dancing, games, and sweet treats! Spend time with friends or significant others from 7-9 p.m. in the Sue Lombard Ballroom.

There are plenty more things you can do on Galentine’s Day with your BFFs and if we missed anything make sure comment what your favorite Galentine’s Day activity is. Have a great V(G)alentine’s Day, Wildcats!

Olivia Birg is a Student Writer for the Publicity Center. She is an English: Professional and Creative Writing major.

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