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The Wildcat Days of Summer

If you’ve stayed in Ellensburg over summer, then you’re sure to identify with a few of these iconic summer scenarios!

Five ways to know that you’re getting a truly authentic CWU summer:

It’s warm, but it’s WINDY.
Summer winds flow down from the Cascades and move east through the valley (some locals like to joke that it’s the wind turbines that keep it windy in town!).

Traffic increases, in the form of farm machinery (look out for those tractors!)
The Kittitas Valley is a major hay growing region, with thousands of tons transported both internationally in domestically each year. Be sure to give tractors and other equipment room on the road, and be aware when driving on county roads throughout the valley.

Downtown is in full summer bloom, thanks to the hard work of volunteers and employees with the Ellensburg Downtown Association and the City of Ellensburg. Did you know that the Ellensburg Downtown Association maintains 65 ornate metal planters year-round? Locals work hard to make downtown Ellensburg a beautiful place.

You don’t see as many people within city limits – because they are soaking up the sun and enjoying the great outdoors!
Kittitas County is bursting with outdoor activities, including everything from boating on the Columbia to trekking through the lush Cascades. Many Wildcats confess that one of the best summer recreation activities is floating the Yakima River, or playing games and barbecuing at “People’s Pond.” While we can’t have large gatherings, we can still walk the trail around Irene Rinehart Rvierfront Park.

The Ellensburg Farmers Market is open, and vendors are selling fresh produce every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. This year the market is set up differently to address COVID-19 safety concerns. Vendors are spaced farther apart, people are encouraged to wear masks and distance, and vendors are the ones touching the products and packaging them up. Sadly, there are no dogs allowed this summer. Learn more about the changes at https://ellensburgfarmersmarket.com/.

Be Safe!

We encourage you to maintain physical distance this summer while doing any of these recreational activities. Stay up to date on Kittitas County’s public health guidelines related to COVID-19 at https://www.co.kittitas.wa.us/health/. Don’t forget your mask!

How do you celebrate summer in the valley? If you’re not in Ellensburg, let us know what you’re up to this summer!

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